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The Leadership Weatherford Class is already getting some great behind the scenes tours of Weatherford.  The first two classes have been very informative and educational.  In October the class visited Parker County & the City of Weatherford.  County Judge, Mark Riley and Assistant City Manager, Sharon Hayes gave wonderful presentations on the functions and workings of the City & County.  In November the class got a motivational & leadership etiquette time from Randy Cox.  Randy inspired the leadership class and gave them good ideas for organization and prioritizing.  After the first session, the Leadership team had an opportunity to visit with 10 of the area’s largest non-profits to learn about the needs in our community.  Each of the non-profits then presented to the group and explained how their organizations work and how to get involved.  This was a busy day but the Leadership Team was definitely inspired by all that these important organizations do within our community!  Since the November class, many of the Leadership team have already signed up as volunteers with some of these organizations!

Leadership Weatherford’s January class will focus on Healthcare.  The Leadership team will visit with Randall Young, Parker County Hospital District and David Orcutt, Weatherford Regional Medical Center.

Stay tuned on more about the Leadership Weatherford Class!