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The Weatherford Chamber of Commerce is offering the next class for Leadership Weatherford this fall. It will begin with an overnight retreat on August 26 & 27. The third Friday of each month the class will meet to learn the workings of our community. There will be days devoted to city/county government, non-profits, health, education, industry and agriculture/equine. Those participating will learn the inside story for each.

The class is limited to 15 participants so you want to complete an application and get it turned in by the deadline of August 5, 2016 along with the application fee of $25. There is a fee of $499 for the Leadership Weatherford program. The fee will only be charged to those accepted as participants. This will be the third consecutive class but following this year it will alternate years. Past participants have felt they learned something with each class. Learn how to really get the most out of the community by learning more about the community. Sign up today!