The Leadership Weatherford class has been learning more about the workings of Weatherford. January was all about learning the medical field in Weatherford. The class heard from David Orcutt, CEO-Weatherford Regional Medical Center, about the changes that have been made at Weatherford Regional and then a behind the scenes tour was given. The hospital continues to make some amazing improvements. The class then walked over to the Parker County Hospital District. Randall Young, CEO, gave the class the background of the Parker County Hospital District and what it encompasses. This was new information for most.

In February the class learned about education beginning with Weatherford ISD. Dr. Jeffrey Hanks gave the class information on what’s happening with the district. They were then given the opportunity to see firsthand what is happening at Curtis Elementary. Next the class was treated to information and a tour of Weatherford College by Dr. Kevin Eaton. Weatherford College has so much to offer students, whether they come from near or far, they earn a good education.

March is all about the industrial aspect of Weatherford. Dennis Clayton, Weatherford Economic Development, will give information about the local business market. The class will then be able to tour industrial businesses in town. April will then be all about Agriculture & Equine Industry. We hope to hear from the Ag Extension Agent about what major agriculture does for our economy in Weatherford. Tours will include Hutton Fruit Farm, Walden Ranch & Oswood Stallions. This Leadership class will be completed in May with a graduation on May 20th at Northside Baptist Church.