Marketplace w

Leather coasters, amazing wreaths, essential oils, beautiful crosses, outstanding furniture, holiday t-shirts, hand painted shirts & glasses to awesome clothing and you ask what these all have in common? These were items sold at the Annual Home for the Holidays Marketplace sponsored by the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. Many of our shoppers made good progress on their Christmas shopping. It was great for our local vendors.

The event was held at the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse building on Friday, Nov. 20 from 11-6. Chick Fil A provided the lunches for the day. For the afternoon, there were various demonstrations. Natalie Mynar demonstrated flower arranging & assisted those wanting to make an arrangement, Dancy Crawford demonstrated & assisted those wanting to make Christmas cards, Landace Ortiz demonstrated jewelry making & ornaments and Willa Pitchford demonstrated making a chocolate meringue pie. The recipe was shared with those attending as well as samples of the chocolate pie. We appreciate those that took their time to lead the demonstrations. We thank the vendors & especially thank those that came to shop!

Special write up in Parker County Daily Post: