travel fair

Texas is a huge state without question. People come to Texas on a daily basis for various reasons. Many are just interested in seeing the sights and enjoying themselves. Our state travel centers are usually the first place the out of state traveler stops. This is where they are greeted by some of the best travel counselors in the country.

Each year in the spring, the Travel Counselors attend a conference and learn more about the great state of Texas.   Travel Counselors who attend this event work at the Texas Department of Transportation Travel Information Centers, AAA offices, city visitor centers, Texas Parks & Wildlife offices & Texas Highways magazines. These professionals give guidance to millions of travelers each year.

The awards banquet on Wednesday evening was a time to renew friendships with tourism personnel around the state but it was also a time for recognition. There are 3 main awards presented each year. Employees of Texas Department of Transportation, Tourism Division, are rewarded for their outstanding service to the organization and those they deal with on a daily basis. As part of the training for travel counselors, TTIA members are invited to discuss their destinations, attractions or events during the conference and at the Texas Travel Fair. As a member of TTIA, Weatherford has been represented at the Travel Fair for the past few years.