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The Weatherford Chamber of Commerce will host a special Membership Luncheon on Friday, September 12th from 11:30 -1:00 at the Doss Heritage & Culture Center. Guest speaker, Chuck Inman.

"Here's the bottom line, people do business with people they enjoy being around. When you connect with people you build value and when people feel valued they will work with you and do business with you."
- Chuck Inman

Chuck Inman is a global leadership, behavior and emotional intelligence expert. His topic, "Nimble - How to Lead Above the Turmoil of Change," is a dynamic program that addresses two key challenges in today's business world.

  • Developing Relationships
  • Managing Change Effectively

Nimble offers the distinct advantage of showing leaders how to develop better relationships and help people change more effectively. With leadership and emotional intelligence at its core, this 5-step program demonstrates how to effectively manage the challenges of change in the workplace and marketplace. The Nimble program will enable your people to:

  • Establish Credibility
  • Become Empowered
  • Create Accountability

Imagine metting your goals and deadlines for the year because you can stay in the game during difficult times and be more effective than ever. In today's difficult econoly, challenges arise daily and it's what we do with these challenges that have an impact on our performance.

People will be able to:

  • Have more focus
  • Connect with others effectively
  • Initiate commitment
  • Be more productive

Chuck combines the latest research with years of business expertise, knowledge and skills to demonstrate how to be more agile to adapt to a changing environment and come to embrace change as a strength and not a burden. To improve your agility be able to make the changes needed to be successful, contact, Chuck Inman.

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