Rolanna Fitzgerald w

It’s HOTTTTTT……no, really….it’s HOTTTTTT! Gotta love a Texas summer, because that means we’ll  get a Texas winter – some trade-offs are not so bad!   While you’re inside your air-conditioned office, or air-conditioned home, or air-conditioned vehicle, watching your grass practically burst into flames and your flowers hang their sad little heads and give up – be thankful.  It may be hard at first, but be thankful for that air conditioned office or home or vehicle.  I’m so old that I grew up in a house without central heat or air.  We had a “swamp cooler” in one window for the whole house.  Our car was not air conditioned and I remember riding to church on Sunday and Mom wouldn’t roll down the windows because she didn’t want the wind to mess up her hair.  I guess sweat stains were less of a social disgrace than messed up hair.   But we survived.  I don’t necessarily want to go back to the “good ol’ days of swamp coolers, but it wasn’t all that bad.  Anyway – there I go, rambling again.  Let’s just take some time to cool off and be thankful this summer.  Be thankful for the A/C, thankful for cool water and sweet tea, thankful for ice cream, thankful for your family, your job, your neighbors, your community, and, of course, be thankful for your wonderful Chamber of Commerce.   The summer will end and the refreshing coolness of autumn will arrive before you know it.