Rolanna Fitzgerald w

It’s amazing to realize this year is almost half over!   Have you met half of your goals? Have you realized half of your dreams?  Have you accomplished half of your tasks?   If you’re like me, you probably have not given these things much thought past about January 15th.  I think the mid-year mark is a good time to reflect on accomplishments – make adjustments – change direction if necessary.  Never forget that our life is a journey and not just a destination. I hope you are taking the time and making the effort to enjoy the journey.  And while you’re out there journeying…..check out all the fantastic things to enjoy right here in our very own community.  Our new amphitheater in Heritage Park is open and providing many different types of family entertainment throughout the summer.  All our City parks are gloriously green and beautiful  and are a great place to quietly enjoy nature, or boisterously enjoy lively games involving lots of running and laughing.  The City pool will be open soon and is always a favorite spot for young and old.  If I can get the hole patched in the sleeve of my swimsuit, I’ll be there also!  Enjoy the summer – enjoy your family – enjoy our community.  It’s ALL good.