James PlowmanAugust comes but once a year. Typically this is that time between July 4th and Labor Day when the heat is oppressive the rain is nil, and we just endure until cooler weather returns, however we have been granted a wonderful reprieve. I know this is that awkward period when employees want vacations, you want a vacation, your family wants a vacation, and you get caught in the middle. Your employees need the break to recharge their creative and productive talents, your family wants to play, and you JUST NEED A BREAK! My daughter (whose birthday is in August) will look at every calendar she sees to confirm what is already known. August is the month the calendar creators reserve for the most bland, colorless,
benign pictures of the year.

This month can be, and usually is a time to endure, however I suggest you take time when schedules are horrid and the temperatures are climbing, sit in the air conditioning tidying up physically and mentally improving your workspace so that when normalcy returns you will be refreshed ready to conquer every mountain you encounter.

- James Plowman